Are Your Top Performers A Health Risk? You Make The Call

Employees were asked to characterize their opinion of the overall health of the top performers in their organizations.

According to a HealthMine 2018 Rising Risk Survey, 65 percent of the 500 surveyed employees considered the top performers "somewhat healthy".

The purpose of the survey was to help all employees "better understand their current health status and risks and take action to avoid becoming ill".

Top performers may not always set the best health examples. They often work long hours, postpone exercise, and don't take time to eat healthy foods. Chronic conditions can be worsened by stress, which can lead to illness and loss of productivity. "HealthMine Survey: Two-Thirds (65%) of U.S. Employees Say Top Performers in Their Company Are Just 'Somewhat' Healthy" (Feb. 11, 2018).

So, the question for our readers is: Do you believe your top performers are healthy?

Please let us know what you think in the comment section or take the poll. Here are some opinions of some of the McCalmon editorial staff:

Jack McCalmon, Esq.

As a business owner, I hope all my employees are healthy…and their families, too. Personally, I recently eliminated as much meat and fat from my diet as possible, focusing on raw vegetables and fresh juices. Next week I am eliminated diet soda, and my schedule for the week after is to build in 45 minutes of cardio each day with 15 minutes of stretching.

Leslie Zieren, Esq.

This was an interesting survey because it asked for the observations of all employees, not just upper management. Anytime an organization can encourage, support, and fund health care; gym membership; alternative health care, like therapeutic massage or acupuncture; as well as health eating initiatives, the organization will benefit.

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