Sex Offenders: Does Gender Play A Role?

In June 2017, police arrested a woman who had been regularly raping and sexually assaulting her adopted daughter for several years, allegedly with her husband.

The woman pled guilty to three counts of sexual assault and was sentenced to 33 years in prison. Her husband had been arrested in February 2017 and is still awaiting trial.

According to reports, the abuse spans 15 years. The victim, their adopted daughter and niece, went to the police in 2014 to reveal what she had endured since she was a young child.

Court documents state that the victim "was regularly required to take part in threesomes with her adopted parents and was forced to perform sex acts on both of them."

Reports say the molestation began when the victim was nine and the rapes started by the time she was 13. As a result, the victim gave birth to three children that the couple raised as their own. They told the children that their biological mother was actually their sister.

In a news interview, the victim said the time that she spent with the couple was characterized by "brainwashing, manipulation, stalking, and assault."

She said she did not report what was happening to her for fear of what would happen to her children. She also admitted to wanting to commit suicide from depression but thought if she died, her kids would be "next in line."

In addition to the sexual abuse, the couple converted a shed in the back of their home into a chapel. Then, they claimed that the oldest child of the victim was the "Miracle Child" who could do things like curing cancer.

The victim has expressed relief about the sentencing of her aunt. Jon Silman "Texas Woman Gets 33 Years in Prison for Forcing Adopted Daughter Into Threesomes" (July 23, 2018).

Commentary and Checklist

There is no single profile of a sex offender. The offender can be male or female; young or old; married or single; have different levels of education; have strong ties to their families and communities, or have weak ties; and/or have no record of prior criminal behavior.

In this case, both man and his wife were offenders, subjecting their victim to several years of abuse.

What signs indicate that an individual is capable of child sexual abuse?

  • Adults or adolescents who appear unusually interested in children or one particular child;
  • Adults or adolescents who make frequent requests to spend time alone with a child;
  • Any adult or adolescent who seeks to take the child on trips away from the parent or caregiver or invites them to their home;
  • Any adult or adolescent who allows a child to ignore or bend the rules of his or her parents or caregivers;
  • Adults or adolescents who give a child unwarranted gifts, like money or candy; and
  • Adults or adolescents who are uncomfortable when approached by adults or questioned by the adults.
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