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Car Seats And Coats: What Safe Adults Need To Know This Winter

Most car seats will not keep a child safe in a crash if the child is wearing a bulky coat. Learn how to keep a child safe when driving during winter.
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Pregnancy And The Other Physical Signs Of Child Sexual Abuse

Police arrested a pastor/gospel singer on multiple charges of child sex abuse. We examine the facts and how to protect children.
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Are Victims Of Sexual Abuse More Likely To Become Perpetrators Of Abuse?

A woman, sexually abused as a child, is arrested for, and admits, sexually assaulting a child. We examine the facts, the possible link, and helpful approaches.
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Protecting Children With Intellectual Disabilities From Battery And Other Abuse

An Alaska elementary school teacher resigned after allegations of pushing a student with autism. We examine the facts.
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Where Could Sex Crimes Take Place? A Question For Every School

A family sues a school board because a physical education teacher sexually abused their daughter on the premises. How can schools avoid and respond to these sex crimes on campus?

Should Employees Be Completely Disconnected From Work When Off-The-Clock? You Make The Call

Software can block employees from receiving emails when they are off work. Do you think this is a good idea? You make the call and take our poll.

Confessions Of A Field Training Officer, Part 1

After making a (potentially fatal) mistake, Roger Buhlis explains there's a different, perhaps better way to be a Field Training Officer.

Terminations Carry Risk For Public Employers: Why Some Are More Expensive Than Others

A jury finds a city liable for millions of dollars in a wrongful termination lawsuit. We examine the risks government employers face when terminating employees.