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Transferring Child Safety Risks And Signs Of Peer-to-Peer Sexual Assault

The families of two young children, allegedly sexually assaulted by another minor, sued the owners of a campground. Learn about the mistakes the owners made that led to the assaults.
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Background And Reference Checks: Firewalls To Protect Children

Police arrested a Boy Scout leader as part of a law enforcement operation targeting sex crimes. We examine the facts.
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Stranger Kidnappings: Rare, But A Threat To Children

An 11-year-old girl was kidnapped and sexually assaulted in Australia. We examine the facts and the risk.
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Why Some Child Victims Wait Until They Are Adults To Report Child Sexual Abuse

A former baseball coach is arrested for allegedly molesting young boys on his teams. We look at why victims delay reporting.
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Breaking Physical Boundaries With Students Can Lead To Sexual Abuse

A teacher is compelled to give up his teaching license after a former student accuses him of sexual abuse. We examine the societal, physical, and other boundaries breached.

Sexual Harassment Or Sexual Harassment Investigations: Which Is The Greater Risk? You Make The Call

An employer is sued for how the investigation of a sexual harassment complaint was conducted. Which risk is worse? You make the call.

Ask Leslie: How Long Should I Keep Payroll/Time Records?

Leslie Zieren
An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. how long to maintain payroll and time cards. Learn about the best practices.

Staying Afloat: The Argument For Financial Oversight

A church defaults on a loan and now faces a lawsuit. Read how you can avoid a similar risk and strengthen the foundation of your organization.