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Online Safety Continues To Challenge Safe Adults: The FBI Provides Tips

A judge sentences a man to 120 months in prison for sexually exploiting a minor online. We examine the facts and list some tips from the FBI.
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Vigilant Steps Safe Adults Can Take To Prevent Sexual Abuse

Police arrest a pastor for his alleged sexual abuse of child. We examine the facts and prevention steps.
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Promoting Poison Prevention Safety As Part Of A Child Safe Environment

Parents and those who work with children are warned about the dangers of common items with poisonous chemicals. How can you help prevent accidental poisoning of children in your care?
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Transferring Child Safety Risks And Signs Of Peer-to-Peer Sexual Assault

The families of two young children, allegedly sexually assaulted by another minor, sued the owners of a campground. Learn about the mistakes the owners made that led to the assaults.
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To Never Be Accused Of Having A Culture Of Abuse: Steps Religious Organizations Can Take

A church is accused of a long-standing cover-up of abuse and a cult-like atmosphere. Read how trying to conceal wrongdoing only leads to more damaging accusations.

Ask Leslie: My Employees Have Been Asking About Time Off To Go Vote. What Should I Tell Them?

Leslie Zieren
With mid-term elections coming up on November 6, 2018, an employer is wondering about voting leave. Leslie Zieren, Esq. responds.

Pre-Loaded Malware: The Cyber Risk That Snares Even Those Who Are Best Prepared

A manufacturer warns that brand new USB drives contain malware. How does that happen and what steps can your organization take?

Screening For An Omission: A Difficult Process

A school district pays $495,000 to settle a lawsuit that may have been avoided with a better vetting process. Learn hiring practices that schools can implement to reduce risk.