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Finding Jobs With Children, Giving Alcohol To Minors, And Other Behaviors Of Sex Offenders

A former coach will serve 50 years after he pled "no contest" to molesting four children. We examine the behaviors of a sex offender he exhibited.
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False Accusations Undermine Child Safety But Safe Adults Should Still Report Reasonable Suspicions

A jury clears a man of false rape accusations when the accuser described the ruse as "fun." Learn about false accusations and the best reporting practices.
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The Child Sex Offenders Around You: What Prevention Steps Can You Take?

A ballet instructor is arrested for allegedly molesting a minor. We provide some prevention steps.
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Was Larry Nassar's Grooming Different From That Of Other Child Molesters?

Parents of U.S. Olympic gymnasts molested by Larry Nassar question how they missed what he was doing right in front of them. We examine the different forms of grooming.
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The Signs Were There: Lessons To Learn From the Parkland School Shooting

Jack McCalmon
A horrific school shooting unveils the troubled past of an ex-student. Jack McCalmon examines the signs that were present and lists free resources to help schools avert tragedy.

Lockdown Basics For Reviewing Or Rethinking Your Policies

Kirstin Heffner
If your school doesn't have a lockdown policy or wants to revisit the current plan, start here. Learn the basics, find additional resources, and learn how one school saved lives using a lockdown.

Statutes Of Limitations On Child Sexual Abuse And Why Victims Do Not Report Sexual Abuse

Police arrest a teacher for allegedly molesting a former student who reported the abuse as an adult. What are the statutes of limitations as to child sexual abuse?

Refusing To Play Spin The Bottle: Harassment or Insubordination? You Make The Call

An employee sues because he was allegedly fired for refusing to play "spin the bottle". Is this insubordination or harassment? You make the call and join the conversation.