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Drug Use And Neglect: What Safe Adults Can Do

The father of a four-month-old baby found dead in a baby swing was charged with murder and child endangerment. We examine the facts.
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A Child Injured Through Omission: A Form Of Child Neglect

A married couple are arrested for failing to get medical help for their injured infant daughter. They are charged with child abuse through omission. We examine the facts.
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Sex Trafficking: A Growing And Dangerous Risk For Children

A U.S. Army reservist is convicted of sex trafficking and using an interstate facility to promote prostitution. We examine the facts and figures.
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Caretaker Awareness: Signs Of Potential Teen Suicide Risk

A report links suicide attempts at a children's mental health center to declining care practices. Read how you can limit the risk of teen suicides.
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Crossing Lines During Counseling: Limit Risk With Policy Boundaries

A woman sues her pastor and church after a counseling relationship turns sexual. Make sure policies outline clear behavior guidelines for the counseling setting.

Child Pornography: A Sign Safe Adults Cannot Ignore

A 56-year-old former substitute teacher is arrested on a charge of child pornography. We examine the facts.

Do Customer Complaints Excuse Illegal Behavior? You Make The Call

A manager tried to cover a customer's breast and infant when customers complained about her breastfeeding. She sued. You make the call and take our poll.

Accommodating Individuals With Disabilities: The Multiple Risks For Religious Organizations

A religious school settles a discrimination lawsuit and commits to several policy changes. Avoid the risk of litigation with proactive steps.