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Keeping Child Patients Safe From Health Care Predators

Police arrested a psychologist for allegedly sexually assaulting one of his young patients. We examine the facts.
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Online Dating Apps Present Dangers To Children

A man is charged with several counts of sexual assault, including sexual assault of a child, through his use of an online dating app. We examine the risk.
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Knowingly False Accusations Of Child Sexual Abuse And Inconclusive Investigations

A male teen alleges he was falsely accused of sexual abuse. Jack McCalmon discusses how organizations can address false accusations and when an investigation is inconclusive.
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Background Checks Are The Beginning, Not The End For A Safe Environment Program

A child sex crimes detective is arrested for allegedly raping a girl. Learn why background checks are important, but are just one part of a strategy to protect children.
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The Dangers And Liability Risks Associated With Public Pools

A jury awards $21.5 million to a family who lost their son in a drowning accident in a public pool. We examine the risk and how you can limit your liability and protect children.

Ask Jack: What Cyber Concerns Should I Have As We Start The New Year?

Jack McCalmon
An employer asks Jack McCalmon about workplace cyber concerns for 2019.

SilverHawk Spyware: Why Smart Employees Avoid Certain Apps

A well-known hacking group targets users' smartphones with "surveillanceware". Learn more about this dangerous strain of malware and how to protect yourself from hijacking applications.

Wrongdoing And Retaliation Claims: Two Separate Matters Equally Risky For Employers

A woman receives nearly one million dollars in her wrongful termination lawsuit. Negative employment actions are inherently risky. Read how you can reduce that risk.