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The Rise Of Social Media Gives Rise To Social Media Predators

Police arrest the owner of a YouTube channel aimed at enticing young girls. He is suspected of committing child sexual abuse. We examine the facts and risk.
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Sworn To Protect Does Not Mean A Person Is Safe With Children: Signs Of Sexual Abuse

A police officer is arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor. We examine the facts and list some of the signs of sexual abuse.
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The Relationship Between Cyberstalking And Child Sexual Abuse

A man, who engaged in an elaborate cyberstalking campaign, pleads guilty. We examine the crime and prevention steps.
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Steps For Avoiding Random Sexual Abuse By Teen Perpetrators

Police arrested a male teenager for alleged inappropriate sexual encounters with three children. We examine the facts and provide some steps for safe adults.
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Off-Campus School Trips Are No Excuse For Taking Advantage Of Minors

A teacher is arrested for inappropriate sexual contact with a student while on a field trip to Italy. We examine the facts.

Have Religious Accommodations Gone Too Far? You Make The Call

Beards for Norse Pagans are allowed in the Army and in the private sector, although they are not required as part of the religion. Have accommodations gone too far? You make the call and take our poll.

Fired For Politics: Managing The Wrongful Termination Risk After An Election

Former secretary of state staffers settle a lawsuit alleging discrimination based on political affiliation. We examine the risk for government employers.

Why Some Malware Attacks Scam Us Better Than Others

Phishing emails are the most common source of malware and are often effective. We examine spam and which types trick us the most.