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Is Any Place Safe For Children?

Police arrested a man, who allegedly tried to restrain and sexually assault a child in a library. We examine the facts.
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Is It Okay To Breach A Child's Privacy To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse?

A tutor is arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a student he was mentoring after the victim's great-grandparents read the victim's diary. We examine the facts.
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Are Children In Foster Care At A Higher Risk For Sexual Abuse?

A man, who took in nearly 200 girls through his state's foster care system, is arrested for sexually abusing them. We examine the risk.
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The Statistics That Link Child Porn To Child Sexual Abuse

A man charged with possession of child pornography is being investigated for sexually abusing a child. We examine the studies and statistics that link child pornography to child sexual abuse.
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How Whistleblowers Are Changing The Employment Landscape Even For Religious Organizations

A church wins an initial ruling in a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit, but retaliating against whistleblowers can result in big payouts. We examine the risk.

Harassment Headlines And Holiday Parties

Kirstin Heffner
Headlines on sexual harassment may be why employers are skipping holiday parties. Kirstin Heffner discusses what managers and supervisors can do to create successful, risk-free celebrations.

Illegal Retaliation Against Mandatory Reporters In Schools

A school employee alleges retaliation by the school because he reported suspected child abuse. Make sure your practices comply with the laws that protect mandatory reporters.

Failure To Train On FLMA Can Lead To Double Damages

Leslie Zieren
When managers do not understand the Family and Medical Leave Act, they can easily say or do things that create risk and doubled damages. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls.