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A Child Injured Through Omission: A Form Of Child Neglect

A married couple are arrested for failing to get medical help for their injured infant daughter. They are charged with child abuse through omission. We examine the facts.
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Sex Trafficking: A Growing And Dangerous Risk For Children

A U.S. Army reservist is convicted of sex trafficking and using an interstate facility to promote prostitution. We examine the facts and figures.
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Caretaker Awareness: Signs Of Potential Teen Suicide Risk

A report links suicide attempts at a children's mental health center to declining care practices. Read how you can limit the risk of teen suicides.
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How Predators Use Their Children To Target Other Children

A woman pleads guilty to sexually abusing her child's friends. We examine the facts and provide some signs of the grooming process.
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Signs Of School Sex Offenders Exist If You Know What To Look For

A former teacher, who had worked in two schools, was arrested for sexual assault and child pornography. We examine the red flags safe adults can look for and some tips.

Sexual Bartering: You Make The Call

A Florida mayor misuses his official power for personal gain. You make the call and take our poll.

Failure To Accommodate Breast Feeding And Other Forms Of Pregnancy Discrimination

A police officer sues her employer, alleging it failed to provide the required facilities for pumping breast milk. We examine this and other pregnancy discrimination risks.

Ask Jack: How Do I Manage A Practical Joker?

Jack McCalmon
An employer asks Jack McCalmon, Esq. how to manage a manager who is a practical joker and who insists his humor is good for the workplace.