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Consent Is Not A Defense To Child Sexual Abuse: Prevention Steps For Schools

A high school teacher is arrested for having sex with a student in his classroom. What can schools do to prevent these crimes from occurring in school?
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Child Pornography And Sexting: The Crimes And Risk For Safe Adults

Convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky's son, Jeffrey, pled guilty to child molestation charges regarding two young victims. We examine the facts and a predator's strategy.
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Don't Rely On Background Checks Alone To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

The mayor of Seattle resigns after a fifth sex abuse allegation. This time, his cousin accuses him of molesting him when he was 13. We look at the risk.
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How Safe Adults Can Address The Physical Abuse Of Children

An emergency room physician suspects physical abuse after checking a boy's injuries. We examine the facts.
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Unplug For Health And Productivity

Kirstin Heffner
Managers and supervisors who make more money may not take enough time to unplug. Read more for some tips to help you disconnect from work.

If Your School Is Backed-Up, You Don't Have To Sweat Ransomware

A California school district successfully thwarted a ransomware cybercriminal who demanded $19,000 be paid to recover district files. Learn how the district prevailed.

When Sexual Harassment Goes Radioactive: The Harvey Weinstein Matter

Jack McCalmon
After multiple accusations of sexual harassment, Harvey Weinstein resigns from the company he built. Jack McCalmon looks at what happens when allegations go radioactive.

Witch Rituals In The Workplace? As We Near Halloween, You Make The Call

A supervisor allegedly shoved a pagan demon ritual right into an employee's face. Whose behavior is really "devilish" in this scenario? You make the call and join the conversation.