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How Predators Use Their Children To Target Other Children

A woman pleads guilty to sexually abusing her child's friends. We examine the facts and provide some signs of the grooming process.
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The Rise Of Social Media Gives Rise To Social Media Predators

Police arrest the owner of a YouTube channel aimed at enticing young girls. He is suspected of committing child sexual abuse. We examine the facts and risk.
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Sworn To Protect Does Not Mean A Person Is Safe With Children: Signs Of Sexual Abuse

A police officer is arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor. We examine the facts and list some of the signs of sexual abuse.
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The Relationship Between Cyberstalking And Child Sexual Abuse

A man, who engaged in an elaborate cyberstalking campaign, pleads guilty. We examine the crime and prevention steps.
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Communications Planning For The Unthinkable: Active Shooter

Schools best suited to communicate during and after an active shooter crisis emphasize preparedness, with both an eye toward today's nearly instantaneous media landscape and a keenly trained team.

Nonprofit Protections In The Face Of Complaints Of Sexual Harassment

A university is alleged to have ignored years of sexual abuse by a staff doctor. Read how an immediate investigation of reported misconduct can limit your risk of liability.

Failure Of Accounting Oversight Leads To Big Time Fraud

Two former executives commit accounting and securities fraud, costing shareholders $245 million. Read why accounting oversight is a loss prevention must for employers.

Setting Limits On Electronic Communication Between Teachers And Students

Police arrested a Texas high school teacher for allegedly sexually assaulting a child. We examine the facts.