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Was Larry Nassar's Grooming Different From That Of Other Child Molesters?

Parents of U.S. Olympic gymnasts molested by Larry Nassar question how they missed what he was doing right in front of them. We examine the different forms of grooming.
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Was Larry Nassar A Rare Perpetrator?

Convicted serial abuser, Larry Nassar, is the latest in a long line of child predators. We may rarely see them, but safe adults must improve their observation skills.
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How A Multi-Disciplinary Approach And Early Treatment Can Benefit Child Sexual Abuse Victims

Child sexual abuse victims in Michigan get a new advocacy center. Learn what approach best benefits children and why.
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The Relationship Between Child Porn, Child Sexual Abuse, And Fetishes

A kindergarten teacher is arrested for, and admits, possession of child pornography. Learn how the crime of possessing child porn is connected to the crime of child sexual abuse.
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The Signs Were There: Lessons To Learn From the Parkland School Shooting

Jack McCalmon
A horrific school shooting unveils the troubled past of an ex-student. Jack McCalmon examines the signs that were present and lists free resources to help schools avert tragedy.

The Abuse Risk For Students With Autism

A student's family sues a school district because an employee allegedly hurt their child who has autism. We examine the facts.

Should Employers Allow Support Hamsters In The Workplace? You Make The Call

A college student flushed her hamster so she could board a plane. She threatens to sue. How should employers address support hamsters? You make the call and join the conversation.

Investigating Charges Of Sexual Harassment And Assault: Steps Religious Organizations Can Take

A pastor is accused of sexual harassment and assault, and now the church faces litigation. We examine.