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State Legislators Seek To Address The Issue Of Non-Reporting Of Child Sexual Abuse

The Colorado legislature wants to expand the statute of limitations for failure to report child abuse. Learn about proposals designed to help protect children.
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Child Sexual Assault In the Air: How Children Are Vulnerable While Traveling

A teen sued United Airlines for failing to take appropriate action when she was sexually assaulted on a flight. The fellow passenger pleads guilty. We examine.
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Installing Child Car Seats: 95 Percent Of Adults Do It Wrong

New attention to the issue of car seat safety follows a viral video of a child in a car seat falling out of a moving car. Learn about the risk and how to avoid it.
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Vulnerable And At-Risk Children: A Target Of Sex Offenders

A member of the Navajo Nation sued the Mormon church, claiming he was abused in a now-defunct program that sent children into foster care for the school year.
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Effective Student Reporting Can Save Lives

Despite the number of violent school incidents in recent years, concerned students have also prevented violence through reporting. How can schools enhance their violence prevention efforts?

Should You Abandon Privacy Concerns To Offer Assistance? You Make The Call

Respecting employee privacy is key, but what if a conversation could really help? You make the call and take our poll.

Protections For LGBTQ Employees Vary Depending On State And Municipality

A transgender teacher sues her employer for failing to protect her from harassment based on her gender identity and expression. Learn what can be done to avoid the risk.

Ask Leslie: When Should We Skip Progressive Discipline And Go Directly To Termination?

Leslie Zieren
An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. when skipping progressive discipline steps would make sense.