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Long-Term Sexual Abuse Has Long-Term Effects On Victims: Why And How To Report Your Suspicions

A pastor allegedly molesting children he served over a span of 20 years. What are the effects of long-term sexual abuse on victims?
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U.S.A. Swimming Accused Of Reports Of Sexual Abuse: Steps Organizations Can Take

Team USA leaders are accused of ignoring reports of hundreds of minors being sexually abused by coaches. We examine the facts.
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Hostile Work Environment For Teens: Child Abuse And Sexual Harassment

A national restaurant chain is facing a federal lawsuit for sexual harassment, filed by the father of a former employee, a teenage girl. We examine the facts.
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Be On The Lookout For Risks That Can Injure Very Young Children In Your Care

A family is suing a local day care after their baby suffered severe burns while in its care. We examine the facts.
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Surveillance Equipment In The Workplace Creates HIPPA Risk

Multiple women who were unknowingly filmed during their labor and delivery are suing the hospital for invasion of privacy. Read how unintentional surveillance can create serious risk.

High-Level Executives Are Not The Only Employees Targeted For Kidnapping And Violence

The authorities of Burkina Faso continue their investigation into the kidnapping and death of a Halifax, Canada executive.

Should Employers Be More Pet-Friendly? You Make The Call

Some workplace experts consider pet-friendly workplaces a plus. What do you think? You make the call and join the conversation.

Bullying, Special Needs, And School Buses

A Detroit mother is demanding to know how her special needs son was injured by another student who allegedly bullied him during a field trip. We examine the facts.